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Blowing Our Own Horn

ESADE´s MBA Finance Lab has been up and running for six months now. We´ve done quite a lot. Much of it good I hope, most of it useful I believe, all of it extremely practical-relevant I am sure. This is quite an innovation, and we should applaud ESADE´s willingness to embrace new things in pursuit of better services for its MBA students. Not many other high-ranked b-schools offer MBAs this kind of intensive advanced financial training from day one (just to give you an example, our very first seminar in the early days of September touched upon the role of mathematical models in the financial crisis, a decidedly non-simple and inescapably top-of-the-agenda topic).

Y1 MBAs participating in the Lab have now received detailed exposure to key advanced topics such as Basel Bank Capital Rules, Bank Leverage, Derivatives Trading, the Euro Debt Crisis, Credit Default Swaps, Risk Management for M&A, Weather Insurance, Volatility, plus workshops on some of the basics and a few guest speakers. In the next three months we will add new topics to our seminars (very relevant themes relating to capital markets or asset management for instance) on top of another new in-depth elective course.

The above can be a wonderful complement to the introductory financial analysis and corporate finance courses offered in parallel as part of the MBA core. The aim is to have MBA students with a way-beyond-average exposure to financial things by the time the summer arrives. After that, and armed with this fruitful intensive initial nine-month experience, they can (and are encouraged to) further satisfy their hunger for finance education through the many standard specialized electives in offer for Y2.

I am highlighting all this as a way to illustrate ESADE´s capacity for inventiveness. Through initiatives such as this, students receive very relevant knowledge way before it´s typical in the typical program. This should give them solid ground for early job interviews, for further finance study at ESADE, and for discovering hitherto ignored sectors within the finance industry. In all, not a bad development.

In contrast to many other schools, ESADE is characterized by its commitment to a varied academic menu, offering potential students lots of enticing programs to choose from. The MBA Labs honor that tradition by focusing on student needs and expanding the range of valuable opportunities within our walls.

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