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Without a doubt, finance education has gone through a radical global revolution in the past twenty years. Perhaps the most profound revolution in the academic sphere ever. Tons of new programs in quantitative finance (first) and general finance (later) began to be offered by some of the world´s very best universities and b-schools. Today a good yardstick of innovation is whether a school has chosen to launch a finance degree. While the vast majority of US schools have yet to do so, things (as I humbly predicted many years ago) are changing even at the very top. Those institutions with a more rigid structure have been missing out, depriving their students with direct and easy access to some of the most exciting and remunerative jobs out there. Those visionary pioneers who in constrast chose to innovate are now global leaders in a key field, reaping substantial rewards in reputational and monetary terms.

How about ESADE? Well, we are doing quite fine, thanks very much. ESADE is one of the few schools to offer an MSc in Finance + an MBA Finance Lab + an EMBA with very substantial financial component. Most of the other schools don´t offer an MSc, have plain uber generalist MBAs, and even plainer EMBAs. If finance is important, then ESADE is on the right path.

Now, all we need to do is tell the world with a loud voice.

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