A New Adventure Begins

We´ve kick-started a new academic adventure: the Finance Lab Workshop MBA elective course. About 20 brave and pioneering souls have decided to venture into unknown territory to sample what promises to be an innovative and enlightening experience. This is a course where students are in command (under some “adult” supervision). The course truly tests their ability and desire to learn in a self-driven fashion. It´s very dynamic and attuned to real world urgencies. It should help refine and polish students´ oral and written communication skills. There are no homeworks or exams. Just in-class in-group presentations, all leading to a final report. You face no stringent deadlines on very specific assignments, but you must prove yourself every week. Self-directed dynamic demanding work that aims to tackle some pressing real-life theme? Doesn´t sound too different from what you should expect on the job out there.

For this year we have selected Sovereign Debt as the central topic. I don´t need to elaborate on its utter relevance and immediacy.

The first in-class presentations went really well and I have a feeling we are all going to learn a lot from each other. This course encapsulates a lot of the things that can make ESADE a great place to study and experience: diversity (we have students from all over, from Vietnam to Japan, from the US to Saudi Arabia, from Brazil to Hungary), freshness (very “unstructured”, very new, very individualized, very “unconventional”), and fearless innovation (I don´t think many schools offer such an opportunity, especially so early in the MBA; and it´s part of the overall Finance Lab, pretty unique in itself certainly)

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